Wade Taylor is an early career artist from Perth, Western Australia. He completed a Bachelor in Fine Arts at the University of Western Australia in 2012. While working primarily with paint his practice often extends to include investigations into sculpture and ceramics. Most works explore issues surrounding Australian identity and landscape. These issues feed common themes including notions of suburbia, nostalgia, the everyday, and cultural artefacts.

Wade's most recent exhibition Totalled at Nyisztor Studio (WA) surveyed the idea of the disaster in Perth, events that have rocked and captured the collective conscience of a city. This body of work is a reflection on the nature of accident and havoc in a place not usually beset by natural disaster or catastrophic events.

Wade had his first major show in 2014 at Free Range Gallery with fellow artist and friend Carla Adams. Part of the Perth Winter Arts festival calendar, Rough Diamond explored, recreated and celebrated the life and world of a stranger found on Instagram.

He appeared alongside artists such as Bruce Slatter, Tarryn Gil and Dave Attwood in the group show Mate featured at Paper Mountain and curated by Carla Adams for the 2015 Perth Fringe Festival, winning the prize of Best Visual Arts Show for the festival.  

Eshay was his first solo exhibition and continued his investigation and interest in the Australian condition, centred on the notion of Australian male culture.

Fertile, Free delved deeper into the suburban idea of landscape by exploring the charged nature of vacant 'non-spaces' and their' ability to evoke human physicality. 

With Inland Sea at Turner Galleries, Wade turned his interest towards Western Australia’s turbulent maritime past. This largely experimental body of work in paint and ceramics sought to explore new territory within his expanding practice. The works in this exhibition respond to the material objects and items salvaged from the wrecks. They function as contemporised archaeological artefacts and stand as a product of his historical and location based research.

Wade was a finalist in the prestigious Joondalup Invitation art award ’17 and in 2018 developed work for shows at Traffic Jam Galleries (NSW), Stala Contemporary (WA) and Nyisztor Studio (WA). Wade is currently working towards a solo exhibition at Murray House Heathcote in early 2019

Selected Exhibition Record


Treasured, Wanneroo Cultural Centre Gallery, group museum show

Pure Contemplation Without Knowledge, Nyisztor Studio, group show

Cut it Out, Smart Casual Gallery, group show

Totalled, Nyisztor Studio, solo show

Untitled, Traffic Jam Galleries (NSW), group show

Reincarnation, Friday’s Studio, Stala Contemporary, group show

Untitled, The Orangery, group show


Joondalup Community Invitation Art Award

Inland Sea, Turner Galleries

Bin Night, Hive Art Space


Fertile, Free. Spectrum Gallery, solo show

I think I'm a Genius, Ink Remedy Gallery, group show


Eshay, Paper Mountain, solo show

Mate, Paper Mountain, group show


Rough Diamond, Free Range Gallery, double solo show


City of Joondalup Art Collection

Edith Cowen Permanent Collection

City of Perth Art Collection 


Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, NSW, Finalist

Busselton Art Award, WA, 2018, Emerging artist winner

Perth Royal Show Landscape Prize, WA, Sept 2018, Finalist

City of Melville Art Award, WA, 2018, Melville award winner

Wanneroo Art Prize, WA, 2018. Finalist

Collie Art Prize, WA, 2018. Finalist

Joondalup Invitation Art Award. Finalist

South Perth Art prize, WA, 2017, Winner Local Theme award

Perth Royal Show Landscape Prize, WA, 2017, Finalist

Busselton Art Award, WA, 2016. Finalist

Noosa Art Award, NSW, 2016. Finalist

Perth Fringe Festival 2015. Winner Best Visual Arts Show for Mate (group)